Treyworks Chat Plugin for WordPress

A Free and Open-Source Web Chat Solution using the OpenAI Assistants API. *

Our open-source WordPress chat plugin is designed to elevate your website’s engagement by creating AI-powered chat widgets that transform how visitors interact with your website.

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Latest Release: July 7, 2024

Installation process

  • Clone or download the repository as a zip file: git clone
  • Upload and install the plugin on the Add Plugins page.
  • Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to the plugin’s settings page and enter your OpenAI API key
  • Go to the Chat Widgets tab and create a new widget. Enter a name, assistants ID, and greeting text.
  • Go to the Assistants tab to view the assistants in your OpenAI account.


  • A global chat widget can be set up on the Settings tab after a chat widget has been created.
  • Chat widgets can also be added to pages using a shortcode:
  • Keep in mind that multiple chat widgets can be present on a page, but the same chat widget cannot be added more than once.

Additional Notes

  • Make sure you have a valid OpenAI API account and API key.
  • Take into account the potential cost implications of using the OpenAI Assistant API.
  • Routinely check and adjust the chatbot prompts and settings to improve its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The chat widget provides CSS variables to customize the common styles easily.

Yes, the chat widget is designed to work on mobile devices.

This plugin has been tested on WordPress 6.4.2. It requires an OpenAI API key and an Assistants ID for your chosen Assistant. Assistants using version 2 of the Assistants API are not currently supported.

The plugin does not save any data at this time but does send data using the OpenAI API. Refer to the OpenAI Privacy Policy for more information.

Conversation storage and analytics events are not implemented at this time.

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